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Motor Rewinding


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Welcome to Apex Skill Academy and Research Center, located in Kathmandu, Nepal, where we have been proudly providing top-tier HVAC and freezer repair training services for over 12 years. At Apex Skill Academy and Research Center, we are dedicated to equipping individuals with the expertise needed to thrive in the HVAC/R industry. Our institution boasts a legacy of excellence, nurturing talent and cultivating skills that empower our students to excel in this ever-evolving field. With a focus on practical learning and hands-on experience, our seasoned instructors bring a wealth of industry knowledge to the classroom, ensuring that our students are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of HVAC repair and maintenance with confidence. Situated in Kathmandu, Nepal, our state-of-the-art facilities offer a conducive environment for learning, equipped with the latest tools and technology used in the industry. Our commitment to quality education is reflected in our comprehensive curriculum, which covers everything from the fundamentals of HVAC systems to advanced troubleshooting techniques. Over the past 12 years, Apex Skill Academy and Research Center has earned a reputation for excellence in HVAC/R training, serving as a beacon of opportunity for aspiring technicians and seasoned professionals alike. Join us on the journey to success and discover the endless possibilities that await in the field of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration repair and maintenance.

Er Bishal khatri
Associate Professor

By learning motor rewinding from Apexskillacademy I am running my own workshop.

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